It’s only Saturday, but the weekend has already been TREMENDOUS! I’m going to save some of my comments on last night’s service for Monday, but today had some very inspirational moments I’ll pass on.

I left my house about 7:30 for a really fun surf session with some of guys I surf with. I didn’t have a lot of time, the waves were small, but it was a blast. Lots of clowning, bumper boards & smack running. When I was rinsing off my suit & changing I noticed a couple of guys that were putting their wet suits on over their boxers. Decision time: good Sam that I am – “dude, I don’t want to tell you what to do but you will be doing a lot of ummmm… adjusting out there if you wear that over…”

Here’s where the story gets fun. I could tell from their haircuts that they might be Marines somewhere south of age 22. Sure enough, they were & they’d never surfed. One guy had been shot in the shoulder, had a nerve severed & permanently lost the use of his left arm. The other guy had a brain injury from an explosion while in Iraq. Whenever I talk to women or men in military service, I make sure that I thank them for that service & tell them how much I appreciate it. I tell them that I’m sure I speak for countless Americans. These guys seemed genuinely moved and then told me some things that other people had said to them. I’m deciding to delete the comments I just typed – disparaging, ignorant, indefensible comments. I assured them that most of us deeply appreciate their sacrifice & will be grateful for as long as we live. I told them I would pray for them & asked God to bless them. I wish I didn’t have to leave. I would love to have made sure they got plenty of waves & lots of aloha out there. Seems that there was some special deal today at Tourmo where various disabled young soldiers had a surf day. Very very cool.

I did have to leave to get to the annual LIFE WALK. It’s always a great event supporting Life Perspectives. They are changing the conversation about abortion, speaking in Public & parochial schools helping students see the value of all life – their own, the unborn, the people around them. This is so key to a truly just, life-affirming culture. The LIFE WALK is a key fundraiser for LP & it always makes me proud to be a part of Journey. We had a lot of people doing the walk & lots of money raised. It’s both cool & sad that we are one of the few non-Catholic churches represented there.

That great company (talk about corporate responsibility & compassion – they rock!) Chick-fil-a (cluck here) provided lunch. Here’s me with one of their top execs.

Bishop Cordileone gave a wonderful prayer. It’s always great to hear him pray. He’s a guy who knows how to lead in prayer – we Evangelicals could learn a few things about public prayer from our more liturgical friends.

I’ve had the rest of the day to get ready for tomorrow & to watch some college football – none of the televised games going my way. Still, tremendous day.

I’m begging God to show up tomorrow as we launch our new series.

P.s. This is a pic I took in the parking lot of Jason Denison our worship pastor & his son about to paddle out.

Lets all say it together on 3. 1… 2…. 3… Ahhhhhhhhh.