This weekend we launched a new series called “FORMED”. Every January we do some kind of series that hopefully casts vision for our personal lives, for our souls. I believe that New Year is a gift from God. He’s entrusted us with another shot at this thing. I think that knowledge is in our Soul & is “primal to human experience” (Robert Mulholland). Thus the tradition of the New Year’s Resolution. The problem of course is that we ARE still the same person. So we end up doing about the same stuff.

The kind of change we long for is the kind that only God can bring. That was the essence of the weekend. I thought of this as kind of a launch sequence for the rest of the series. I also thought of it as a safeguard. It’s funny (not ha ha) how something so cool as God forming us into the person we were created to be, that the thinking on that can get so distorted. It’s one of those places were “Following Jesus” can easily turn into “the Christian Religion”. So we spent some time on that.

WORSHIP & COMMUNION – I loved how our worship seamlessly went into communion. I love it when we do communion as a body, as community. Jason said something profound as he set up out time: “this is one meal we don’t eat alone.”

OUR KILLER BOARD – It’s fun to use that thing. I only wish I could write in a way that the average person could discern that it is indeed English.

COOL SIDE NOTE – Notice Jason’s cool guitar. It’s a custom SG that my friend from the gym (who has only been to Journey one time mind you) came in a donated. J shared that he was just that week trying to figure out how he could get a good electric guitar to occasionally lead from sent chills – I love God’s timing.

FRIENDS FROM CHINA – We had the chance to reconnect with some friends that we have known since college, Christy & Alex and their daughter Teri. They live in Bejing and are serving the Lord there. Although it’s a difficult thing that brings them here (Christy’s mom is in the final stages of pancreatic cancer), it was still great to see them.

It was a great start to 2010. Every weekend is designed to help you to stay in step with the Spirit of God for your life in this year. May God make it so for each of us.