I already gave a mid-weekend update from Saturday. If you haven ‘t seen it, check it out.

We kicked off a new series this weekend called RELATIONAL I.Q. The vision of the series is to have a change both the ME & the “US”. Here are a few thoughts from the weekend.
•    KICKING MY OWN REAR – At least for me, for a message to work it has to go through me. I can’t think of a message that will haunt one through the week than one called “Smarter With My Mouth”.

•    WORHIP HIGLIGHT – Our worship was great again this weekend. I thought there was some serious anointing on all the songs. But a personal highlight for me was that David, my son played with our team on Friday night. He is one of the leaders of our High School worship team in their Sunday service. But it was great on Friday having him as a part of the team & working together.

•    LIFE WALK… I already talked about what a great time it was. It also had wonderful results. Between our walk & the North County walk we raised LOTS – I’m not sure I can say, but it was a lot. Thanks to all who were involved. Here are a couple more life walk pics:

•    THE PRACTICE OF SILENCE – In the message I talked about the spiritual discipline of silence. This can be practiced in small doses of 5-10 minutes at a time. But I think that we need to follow the pattern of Jesus’ life, we need to have occasional times of withdrawal into a quiet place. I would recommend (keeping in mind I still consider myself a novice in this area) a half-day of solitude and prayer at least a few times per year. I know there are lots of reasons that this won’t work for us, but the question is, as with most things, how bad do we want it?”
•    SO WHAT DO I DO IN SILENCE? There are no rules that you have to follow. But here is a great little article on how to do a day of solitude & silence. Click here.
•    INSANE VIDEOS – If you go to Journey you know how ridiculous our videos are. If our Joseph series video was “Citizen Cane” our Relational I.Q. videos are more… Young Frankenstein. Check them out here.

It was a great weekend!