This weekend at Journey we wrapped up our GATM series with a message based on the movie Traitor. It was a great weekend in so many ways.

•    TRAITOR was the movie that perhaps a lot of us had not seen or maybe even heard of. Of all the movies we looked at this year, this was the most on me, not all of our programming people were as enthusiastic about it as I was but they were gracious enough to let me have one. I loved the complex, fair & honest way that the film dealt with religion, politics, Islam and the struggle to do the right and just thing. I’m also a fan of Don Cheadle. He seems to end up in a lot of important movies with serious spiritual themes.
•    PEOPLE STEPPING UP – we had a lot of our weekend team out of town for our churches annual Married Couples Retreat in Palm Springs. I loved how our New Format (College ministry) worship band stepped up & really lead us to the throne of God. Our tech people nailed things in Jim’s absence.
•    PRAYER FOR MARIGE – I felt like we really need to pray for our missionary Margie Brewer who was attacked by wild dogs last week & almost died. People had been praying all week & God was already moving. Here’s what Linda Hassad sent me as an email update:
Talked to Margie this am
She sounds great and has a lot of praise reports.
Two of the three wounds on leg are almost healed!! She was standing when I called!!!
She said when she sees the scare on her neck it really does’t bother her it
just reminds her that Jesus saved her life!!
She has a new sense of Jesus in her life. She said because she has suffered.
A woman in Texas heard about Margie and is going
to Swaziland for 10 days to help margie.
Margie said she has felt our prayers and thanks everyone.
She feels very loved.
Keep praying for healing and no infection.
•    God Bless Linda
•    KEN & MICHELLE TIE THE KNOT – On Friday, I was honored to officiate at Ken & Michelle’s wedding at Calumet Park near where Ken & I surf. It was a great time. God has been working in both of their lives.

Calumet photoKen & Michelle photo
•    OTHER PEOPLE STUFF – The weekend was pretty much filled with people. We spent Saturday night in Carlsbad with my bro & sis in law down from the Bay Area to do Legoland with their kids. We spent some time with Kristy & Eric Dees – Kristy was on our staff here & helped Linda start our 20 something ministry, Real Life. Eric just left a secure, well-paid position at Wall Mart’s corporate HQ to be a youth pastor in a small town.

It’s Monday & my focus is on OGN. It starts tomorrow night. I’ll post on that tomorrow!