A Look at Twice Treasured Thrift Store 

by Meg Rosenblum

In the Thrift Store I have the opportunity to encounter men who are recently released from jail. They come to the Thrift Store for clothing, and I assume they expect just that, but every time I hope they leave encouraged and with a dose of God’s love.  A while ago I was able to help about six gentlemen that came into the store with their facilitator.

This particular time I engaged with one young man when he was checking out.I asked if I could pray for him. God gave me such a heart for him and a vibrant, life giving word for his future.

I asked if I could place a hand on his shoulder and spoke Father’s goodness over his future. I also spoke frank, honest words about his past and previous relationships and ways of navigating the world. In a bold way, all God, I told him “old things must go — God has a good, new future for you. You have a choice which way you will follow.”

With Holy Spirit power and love I broke off old mindsets and listed God given possibilities for his future.  It was such a cool exchange. We both ended up laughing and smiling and just relishing God’s presence.

He said “Man, I gotta tell our director about this place.”

I gave him a store card and told him to call anytime he wanted further prayer. I also told him I KNEW he was going to do great in his current program.  I saw his facilitator a couple weeks later with another group of recent released men in the store and my friend was succeeding in the program and was now a “house leader.”

Our God is SO efficient and such a God of divine order and new Kingdom dynamics!  Thank You God for how You love us so well.  Thank You for how a simple smile, a word of encouragement, and a belief in someone’s paradigm shifting future can cause heaven to invade earth!

Our Twice Treasured Thrift Store opened its doors in November of 2011 and by 2018 we were able to give $135,000 to Journey partners and missionaries in the field.  We believe “together through your donations and purchases we embrace, inspire and transform lives.” We see that transformation in so many ways in the store. And not just with the man I prayed for but also  with people who need community service hours.  Not only do we help them with their need, but we also graft them into our God culture and show them God’s kindness and love.

As we see transformation with our customers, we as a staff are even more impacted!  We see transformation within each other, both staff and volunteers, as God softens our hearts and changes our perspectives as we serve the local community. We take time daily for corporate prayer where we lift one another up and share our personal needs. This knits the Thrift Store tribe together in a palpable way.

The majority of our profits go towards children in Haiti, Swaziland, and Tecaté, Mexico just to name a few places.  However, we also help also support the Journey Food Bank to serve the local community and seniors that are homebound, send school supplies to local schools yearly and we partner with the Interfaith Shelter and those concerned with human trafficking to further God’s plans.

We continue to receive quality donations from our Journey family and other customers. God continues to expand our vision and we now have a vintage section and a boutique area for our higher end clothing. Our doors are open seven days a week and it is a huge privilege to impact our community with God’s love and quality household goods and clothing that bring joy to the next home. If you have a spare hour or two, come visit our tribe and join in the fun of giving your time and talents to a worthwhile cause. 

Meg Rosenblum

If you have any questions or if you want to volunteer at Twice Treasured Thrift Store please contact us here: (619) 741-0290. 

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