On Ramps

What are On Ramps?

On Ramps are a place for you to connect face-to-face with the leaders of all of our life groups, campus groups, classes, and care groups to help find the group that best fits you!

Life Groups are a place where deep, spiritual friendships often develop. In Life Groups, we discover what it means, in practical every-day moments, to live the With-God Life with others on the same journey. Life Groups generally meet in homes around the county, on different days throughout the week. They vary in size, but are usually under 15 people.

Campus Groups meet on the Journey Campus, and include groups such as Women’s Ministry, Journeymens Fellowship, and THIRTY. Childcare is available.

Classes and workshops are where we learn not only more about God, but also what it looks like to walk with God in all areas of our lives. Whether it’s learning how to read the Bible or manage our finances, there’s a class or workshop available for you no matter where you are in your own faith journey!

Care Groups offer spiritual care for specific needs through support and recovery groups. Find out more and talk to the ministry leaders at our next On Ramp.

Do you have a question right now? Email us at lifegroups@journeycom.org.

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