Vintage Us is about US! It’s our story and my favorite part of this series so far has been the My Journey’s, the current, right here, right now Vintage Us stories. Apparently there was something in the air, because I had a hard time choking this out, but Shawn Stinson’s story was a “this is why we do this moment.” Maybe the best part of job is that I get to hear these stories three times!

WORSHIP – Wow! One note: I love how we’ve been mixing some very very old songs into our sets. This week Valarie led is in “Come Thou Fount”

DEAD ENDS – It’s always interesting to hear what and how much feedback any given message gets. I think it says a lot about the challenges our people are facing that LOTS of people told me that this message was right where they were at! To me it’s encouraging that Paul faced dead ends, that he had to go through times hoofing hundreds of miles wondering where that sense of “leading” went.


For those of you old school types, I also dusted off the old “chair” illustration! (If the letters EE mean anything to you, U R OLD SCHOOL!)