We had another great & intense weekend at Journey. People seem to be really into the series & even the biblical narrative itself. The subject this weekend about the issues of our work effects just about everyone. Lots of people are going through some especially tough stuff at work. But I’m also thrilled about how people are enjoying entering into the story itself. I have come to believe that getting the bible, not the minutia necessarily or the subtle nuance that we traffic in, is actually a felt need for lots of people in our culture. The post-modern culture in which we live may not come into church with the same thoughts ABOUT the Bible, but they are perhaps more curious about the actual book, especially the narrative aspects of it.

Here are a few highlights from where I sit (and a few pics)
•    EACH SERVICE WAS FUN & DIFFERENT – I love how they all take on their own character.

•    PRAYER FOR THE SICK – I got a text from someone at Journey right b/f the service that he was in the hospital. He had been battling cancer & we had seen some real victories through prayer. He’s in his mid 40s, a single dad, been coming to Journey about 4 years or so. They found a brain tumor in the CAT scan. I went in burdened. When I got up to speak I just felt that I needed to unload this. I don’t usually do this but we prayed together & then I asked people who were sick who needed an intervention from God in their bodies to stand & let us pray for them. It was cool – I talked to some afterward who felt like the whole thing was just for them.

•    SELAH – We got back into our Selah nights with a night of worship & prayer. What a great night. The song that the Holy Spirit seemed to land on was this song we’ve been doing called “Desert Song” it formed the basis of our prayer time. It really turned outward with people praying for each other, having words for each other, and believing God for each other.
•    CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE DOLPHIN KIND – I often feel like God is drawing near when I see dolphins while surfing. No I don’t believe God is a dolphin… He just LOOKS like a dolphin. JK. Anyway, today I’m paddling away from the crowd & see something to my right. Then I sit up & I mean 6” form my foot this other dolphin is swimming by me while is buddy starts heading my way. I kind of drew my feet up (do they bite?) & said, “hey fellas, whats up?” But their proximity was a little unnerving. It’s their, um… turf after all. But it’s breath taking nonetheless.

I’m heading out to the desert pretty much right now (3:30 Monday) for a couple of days of solitude. If any of you Journey types want to jump in, lots of our leaders are fasting tomorrow as we enter the fall ministry season, seeking God for what’s in front of us.