Week 2 of our pre-Easter service was about focus.

WORSHIP – “Spirit and truth” worship is all about FOCUS. It was great to set our eyes on Jesus.

JOURNEY UP UPDATE – Board member Dave Merk walked us through the situation on our 2nd! God has truly done amazing things in the whole process of Journey Up. We’ve paid over 400k on this loan since November of 2010. This is very cool. The most immediate issue is the $225k that we still owe on. It’s due in full July 1. Plus we are spending $7000 per month on this, which NEEDS to be spent on ministry stuff. This is LOW KEY! No commitment cards, banquets etc. We are just asking that each of us ask God what He would have us do.

SOLES FOR SOULS – We collected LOTS of Shoes. I haven’t heard the number yet (we were shooting for 1000 pairs of shoes for relief in Japan). Brian Berry (our generations pastor), his wife Shannon and the tribe were all in! Check out his blog here.

FOCUS – This series is all about getting ready for the God encounter that I think God wants to give us this Good Friday and Easter! I’m always a little disconcerted by the high number of people that MISSED it, people who were right next to Jesus and the greatest moment in the history of the planet. Each of the messages is taken from a story in Holy Week. We looked at the famous “Dominus Flevit (the Lord Wept) and the Clearing out of the temple.

I loved this post from my FB page:

SELAH – I ended the weekend with Selah. I love that fact that we have something in our church life that has almost no agenda. I also love when I get a “word” that I think is the Lord and it turns out to be exactly where someone is.