A short, 10-minute audio invitation to seek God in prayer in light of Leap of Faith and in preparation for Good Friday and Easter. Includes prayer prompts and time for meditation with accompanying music.

During Leap of faith we collectively pursued a life that more fully banks on the goodness and presence of God. It was a time where we daily brought to God our longings for good things in our own lives, the lives of people we love and the church we love. The effect? Our hopes are that God did many amazing, even miraculous signs, and that each of us stumbled on a new way of doing life with God. In real time this looks like giving your world back to God. Essentially that’s what we have all been doing as we have prayed for ourselves, the people in our lives and our church.

As we embark on this weekend that commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus, talk to Jesus about what He wants to reveal to you through the remembering of His work on the cross.

Perhaps re-read Luke’s account of the crucifixion and resurrection and ask the Holy Spirit to highlight key words, phrases or concepts for you as you do.

Then, pray for your six. Ask God to give them a meaningful interaction with the story of Easter at some point this weekend.

Ask that God would give you an opportunity to give a pressure free invitation to hear the story of Easter re told at Journey this weekend, or that they would be invited to another church where they can hear it.

Lastly, give Journey to God, ask that His presence would be powerfully at work this weekend in every area of ministry and over every time we gather. Pray that new realities of His presence like faith and hope and joy would be overflowing in the lives of every person who shows up.