A couple of times I’ve mentioned Al – a friend from Journey who has been battling cancer. He found out that he had a cancerous brain tumor.

There is a rising tide of prayer at Journey. There are all kinds of cool prayer ministries & movements popping up. People are diving into all type of prayer things. Also the intensity level & faith level seems to be increasing.

So here’s where these two threads come together. I loved the way people rallied around Al to pray for him, to support him, intercede for him & sustain him in prayer. He want in for brain surgery to remove the tumor this Monday. When we prayed together on Sunday we planned for me to come by & see him on Wednesday (today) figuring that he would be out of ICU & conscious by then.

So today I make my way to UCSD medical center this afternoon & found out where his room was & made my way there. I saw at a distance a guy in the standard hospital gown gingerly making his way into the room using a walker. “There he is, at a boy! Up & around already” I thought. WRONG! I walked into the room, Al’s rocking some warm ups, polo shirt & a ball cap standing up talking to a couple of people visiting his room. He gave me a hug & I’m like, “what the heck are you doing?” I was shocked. Dude is making a miraculous (I don’t use this word flippantly) recovery. This is the 2 of us today, some 38 hours after a cancerous brain tumor is removed. BTW – they are pretty sure they got it all, probably no radiation or chemo.

This made my day. Mucho rejoicing and we are all giving glory to God.