Submitted by anonymous

Before starting Leap of Faith my faith was wavering. After completing the 6 weeks with Journey I feel like my faith has been encouraged and to continue to preserve despite what I cannot see specially with my marriage. My unbelieving mate was one of my six and he is against any type of organized religion and I have been praying for spiritual breakthrough for him and for God to speak to him in the way He knows how to speak to my husband. My husband has told me in the last couple of weeks he has been having very vivid and detailed dreams that seem to be spiritual/religious in nature. Just a few days ago he told me he had a dream that he was on a hospital bed and he saw a very white light and was resisting the doctors attempting to try to help him but he heard my voice but couldn’t see me and woke up wondering if he should trust the doctors. I know God is working on my husband and will continue to persevere in prayer knowing God hears my prayers. I was sad that the series was going to end because I have been listening to the audio on my way to work and doing the daily bible reading has encouraged me to continue the discipline of reading the bible daily (but audio) so I prayed and asked God to bring me something similar and I found an app called Daily Audio Bible which reads the bible to you every day – exactly what I needed on my way to work!