Submitted by Jimmy

I first heard about Journey Church when at an antique store in Descanso a couple weeks back. There was a Journey member there laying healing hands on the owner, a friend of mine. I listened to him and all I knew is that I need to go there, to that church where they believe in healing, I need to have healing hands be laid on me for my own medical issue. I took a LEAP, and went to Journey last Friday night for the first time. As soon as I walked in I could feel the Holy Spirit in the huge room. I met and spoke to a healing sister and went up and had hands laid on me. The POWER of the HOLY SPIRIT is there and it lives in me, I will keep coming to Journey cause the Lord has led me there. The message that night regarding Leap Of Faith was exactly what I have been looking for in a church. I felt welcomed, cared for, and a part of a larger Christian Community. I’m new (about 3 months) back to God’s word and letting him live in me, guide me, show me my new paths in life, and I will never turn away again. One thing I struggle with is depression and an overall sense of hopelessness no matter how successful I have been or how good things are going in my life; I still always felt this underlying doubt that I could simply feel good whole. This has plagued me my whole life, I was even suicidal last fall before I turned my life over to God again. However the depression has still been there.

After one visit to Journey; Now I’m praying and reading the scripture following the Leap Of Faith Book and the word daily… All I can say is I’m so happy with JOY in all parts of my life I can hardly stand it. I actually went to my doctor and asked “What’s wrong with me?, I can’t feel this happy on my own, I never have?” We talked for a long time, my doctor is a Christian. She said Jimmy, “You’re filled with the Holy Spirit and feeling this good is new for you, foreign for you; accept that God has given you exactly what you asked for.” I don’t feel depression hopeless anymore, I don’t feel lost. AMEN AMEN AMEN All the Glory to the King of Kings our Lord Jesus Christ.

I went to the Friday night service for the second time last night. The Holy Spirit fills me when I’m there so fully I can hardly stand it. We sang “He’s a Good Good Father.” That song will always stay special to me. That song led me back to Jesus. I was driving down the road in my new car, never had the car radio on. I bought the car, thought it might make me feel better. It hadn’t, I was driving down the road with a gun in my hand. I was so far lost, so far away from the Lord, so far removed from any real connections with people, sick of myself, my life, my sins, Lost.

My thought was to end it that day. I was crying so hard I could barely see the road, I pulled over to the side of the freeway and hit the radio button to drown out my own sobbing. The song “Good Good Father” came on, I listened to that song, and gave my life back to Jesus that day, in that moment, after that song was over. I started attending a church the very next Sunday close to my house. The people there are kind but feel something is missing. I heard about Journey and went there, now two Friday Nights, I’m working my Leap Of Faith Book, I’ve met tow very sweet sisters in the Lord and my prayers are being answered. One of my prayers is for the Lord to give me perfect peace. He has, never felt more at one with Him, never felt this peace that engulfs me now, can’t stop smiling, I’m so filled with JOY. I love the Lord, He is a Good Good Father; like one I never had. Amen, Praise to the Lord Almighty.