This was supposed to be the finale of our Hey Jude series, but we decided to extend it another week. It was a great weekend in so many ways.
•    “MAKE IT BETTER” – This is obviously a line from the song, Hey Jude. We looked primarily at the last 4 verses of Jude where he essentially wraps up with a “so what do we do interactively about the vision & the warning I’ve laid out” thought. It’s money! I have come to love this little book more & more. It feels like I’m dropping a good friend off at the airport that I won’t see for a while. My favorite part (besides the part about “poop” – goes without saying) was the doxology. I pray that I can live more doxologically!

DSC_5369DSC_5391 Our tech team was amazing this week, as usual!
•    ELEANOR RIGBY – The people’s choice! Grant tore it up complete with a string quartet.


•    SELAH – Selah was challenging & cool. Sometimes the gap between what God is going in people’s lives, what he is saying to them, is pretty wide. I feel like that was the case last night. I am convinced we need sometimes in the life of a community in which you make space for God to do stuff that we don’t plan.
•    PRAYER LEADERS – One of the things I’m most amped about at Journey is what God is stirring up in the area of prayer. We met after the 10:45 service with a growing group of prayer leaders from the various ministries at Journey. There are some great leaders with vision for what God wants to do in their ministries & a conviction of the centrality of dependence on God (a.k.a. prayer).


•    CHARAISSA B-DAY! We had Charissa’s family B-day party on Monday night. I’m so blessed!

Charissa & Andrew ingesting sugar in commemoration of her birth. Weird culture we have!

CJN B-Day photo

•    ANOTHER PARTY – On Saturday night, Linda & I went to a party for a friend who was turning a certain age. The party was great. But the best thing about it was reflecting upon all that God is doing in her life, how excited she is about her relatively new life with God.  All her fiends have noticed. It’s very cool.
•    SURFING AGAIN! It’s been great to be back in the water. Saturday was epic! Conditions were good, but there were about 10 of us who are all friends and really enjoy surfing together. Lots of waves, lots of clowning.

It was truly a great weekend!