The longer I’ve been a follower of Jesus the more I’ve come to appreciate times in which we as a body, the Church, the community of people gathered around the name of Jesus – do our spiritual life together. For me that’s one of the values of the major days that ancients set aside to celebrate the major movements in the great drama of salvation that God has unfolded, especially in the life of His only Son, Jesus. It doesn’t get any bigger than the events of the Passion Week. The week that led up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

So this week how about if we enter into the week together. Every day of Holy Week I’ll share a part of the story to read each day with a thought or two to pray over or contemplate. I’d love to have you share your reflections & response as a comment.

Sound good? Let’s start!

Read John 12:1-11
This is the night before Palm Sunday. Tomorrow, Jesus would come into Jerusalem in way that no Jew would miss his claim to be the messiah of Israel. Before the big even there was the intimate act of worship. Take a moment & feel the mood of the evening. Smell the scent, the odor of that much perfume filling the house lit by oil lamps.
How did the others react to this act of extravagant love? Have you ever experienced that kind of reaction in a move toward Jesus?
How did Jesus interpret her act (you may consult Matthew 26:6-13 for more) this act? What do you think the talk of death and burial do to the mood of the evening? Did they remember it in the loud excitement of the next day or do you think they just though, “nahhhh!”
Heb. 13:15 Through Him then, let us continually offer up a sacrifice of praise to God, that is, the fruit of lips that give thanks to His name.
Take a moment and pour a fragrant offering out to Jesus!