Tuesday and Wednesday of the original Passion Week was a day of debate & discourse mostly in the Temple area. He was spending the nights at Bethany (a walking distance suburb on the other side of the Mt of Olives – see Matthew 21:17) and then they would come into Jerusalem that day. There are tons of great stories, teachings and famous parables that took place on these two days. Let’s focus on the discussions that flowed out of a confrontation with the various flavors of religious establishment that lined up to oppose Jesus and eventually collaborated to have Him killed.

The scene looks something like this: Jesus was teaching in the temple. Below is a huge model of second temple Jerusalem, at the time of Jesus. Find the temple areas. The people would get up early to get to the temple to hear Jesus teach (Luke 21:38). It was crowded and hundreds if not thousands packed around Jesus to hear Him talk and see Him heal. You had to get there early if you wanted to be able to see and hear well.

The leaders interrupt with their questions. This reading is a little longer today.
Read Matthew 21:23- 22:46.

Clearly they aren’t honest seekers. Enquiring minds do NOT want to know in this case.
What are they trying to do? What was their point in asking these questions? Do you detect a theme?

The first question is about the commotion He caused in the Temple. “Who in the wide-world of sports do you think you are?” Skip to the end of the reading. Notice that the last question belongs to Jesus.

Who do you think Jesus is? Really! That question more than any other, will determine what your life, relationship with God and future look like. Jesus came to picture, to explain or exegete God (See John 1:18).

Think about what Jesus is saying about Himself in this reading? What does His Kingdom look like? What does He insist that we understand and acknowledge?