I Live the Journey Blog

This I Live the Journey blog is a place to share your “God moments” and experiences of transformation during our campaign to maintain and improve our campus. We know that God is going to meet us here as we to come together in faith to worship, encourage each other and learn more about the loving God who calls us home to Journey as his children. Please comment and share how he is teaching you to, “live the journey” in community. You can also submit your story by clicking the button below.

A Long Journey to Journey Church

Part of the necessity for I Live the Journey is the fact that Journey is growing!  God is bringing new worshipers from near and far. Here is someone who was brought to Journey and has only been in San Diego for a few weeks.  It only took Anna Tovbin three days in San...

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You Are Where You Sit: Lefties

In the current configuration of the Worship Center at Journey, there are distinctive pockets of worshippers who sit in the same seats at every service – the “lefties” at the front left side; the “righties" at the right side; and the “watchers,” who need to use the...

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Trusting the Journey

I have been attending Journey for over 11 years. You know me. I was the one who came on Sunday and never really got my "feet wet" in any sort of way in terms of community.    My youngest son,  now 17, has been a attending Journey since he was six!! He has experienced...

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Maintaining the Journey

More Than A Church Building Matt Nelson is the Facilities Manager at Journey Community Church and has watched God transform the facilities here over the past 12 years – from a rental space building to ownership, to a teaching center and finally, to a serving center....

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