I have been attending Journey for over 11 years. You know me. I was the one who came on Sunday and never really got my “feet wet” in any sort of way in terms of community.   home from mission

My youngest son,  now 17, has been a attending Journey since he was six!! He has experienced each phase of the Generations Ministries. God has moved in his heart and in his life in more ways than I can say. Journey is his home. He has found his comfort zone here, been loved on here and has grown into a wonderful young man….with the love, prayer, encouragement and support of his community.

His “feet” are soaked. He’s gone with the group to El Salvador; been in small groups for seven years, volunteered at Summer Fun Camp…the list goes on. I see in my youngest child the Glory of God and am so excited to see what God has in store for him.

The past two years have been full of transition for me and my family. In August of 2013, I felt God PUSHING (yes pushing) me to get involved, so, reluctantly I signed up for the Wednesday morning women’s study. “When I got a reminder call on the day before; I have to admit I’d forgotten the commitment and was really considering telling the wonderful person who called, that I’d changed my mind….but I didn’t, I went. The study was Gail Bone’s Transitions…

Well, that was ALL GOD.

In October of 2013 my husband of over 15 years and I separated. I was still involved in a Women’s group and had begun to experience God in a way I never had before. In January 2014, just 5 months after I joined my first Women’s study, I discovered that there was more to my separation and that I was really facing more than I could handle on my own.

Our bible study during this time was about coming “Un-Glued.” God does have one heck of a sense of humor! The wonderful, loving, accepting women in my group carried me, prayed over me, with me, for me….for our family, and for my husband. They interceded when I could not squeak out a peep of a prayer. The studies continued and I went faithfully.

They interceded when I could not squeak out a peep of a prayer

Experiencing God and community on Wednesdays and Sundays at Journey were my anchor in a sea of very dark waters. The studies continued, Mark, Leap of Faith, and more. Each seeming to directly guide me along a road I had no desire to be on and showing me the light in the midst of a very dark time.

IMG_4657  As I was going all in at  women’s group, my son  was being loved,    guided  and prayed for in  Encounter.  God Bless  Brian Berry. His prayer  and love for my child and  our family  is such a huge  gift. I’ll never have  enough words to thank  him. In a  time when my  son could have gone  away from God, the  Encounter  community  rallied and supported  him, drawing him closer to them and  thus closer to God.

By August of 2014, a year after my first day of Women’s Bible Study, I finally broke down. The depression, stress and pain of my failing marriage overwhelmed me. I took three weeks and sought help at a treatment center in Santa Fe, NM. During this time, the beautiful women prayed for me, and my family. The bond and friendships we had made were like a blanket that covered me. The last sermon series we were doing as I left town was about “Not by strength nor by might but by My Spirit” says the Lord…..well God was certainly with me in New Mexico. I felt his spirit in the wind, I saw him in the beauty of the sky, and in the gift of my life. I have never been one to really share my story or to “disciple” another — it was always WAY out of my comfort zone.

The darkest of days can bring the brightest of light.

I am all in.

Well, again God decided He had a plan for me! I shared the joy of Journey, the joy of God in my life, the miracle of being alive and in Santa Fe, with total strangers…..at a treatment facility for PTSD, depression, anxiety and those with addictions. God gave me purpose and value and my Journey community gave me love and support.


In September of 2105, as soon as I returned from New Mexico, I began attending Divorce Care. More love, more support, more community.

It’s now May 2015, I’m still in Women’s group. I have a great network of friends at Journey now. Selah and women’s group are staples in my life. I’m looking forward to stretching and serving, living the journey. I am feeling called to start a home group, so we will see! Although my husband and I are still separated, I have hope and I know that God has plans for us. No matter where we land we will be loved, and He will be with us.

Selah and women’s group are staples in my life.

 My youngest son graduates next month. It is his hope to attend California Baptist University where he can build on the foundation he’s gotten at Journey. I know that God brought us to Journey, and has a plan so much bigger than I can even imagine, for each member of my family.

The darkest of days can bring the brightest of light. I am all in. I am living the Journey, giving where I’m led and stretching outside my comfort zone. I have a heart that is grateful, and open to serve God wherever and however I can. My finances are definitely tighter than they have been in the last 20 years, and I will give and stretch because I know; God has this!