What is “I Live the Journey” all about?


Greetings Journey!

God is doing amazing things at this church through a community convinced of God’s presence and mind-blowing goodness. I want to let you know about a season coming up in our church’s life called I Live the Journey.

After acquiring our current site on Center Drive nine years ago through a beautiful community effort, we are now faced with taking it to new levels. This will include finishing some areas of our campus that have been left unfinished and making making some changes that will allow us to function better as a community.

I Live the Journey is an initiative to raise $2.75 million to complete campus projects that will include:

  • Install solar throughout campus that will save us $9,000 a month on energy bills and significantly decrease our carbon footprint.
  • Reorient the worship center and upgrade our outdated sound system.
  • Remodel the Kid’s Center to include better accessibility and a new upstairs bathroom.
  • Complete an outdoor Welcome Center and greenbelt to create a welcoming area to interact with each other. See plan drawing >
  • Build out a conference center and re-purpose the current usage of space to improve the function and flow on campus in anticipation of future growth.

In the following weeks you will hear more about I Live the Journey and how you can be a part of this season at Journey. I hope and pray that you find time to sit with God and simply ask Him, “How can I Live the Journey during this season of my church.”

Mucho love,

Ed Noble, Lead Pastor


Watch the “I Live the Journey” video. Find out about the vision behind ILTJ and what this will mean for Journey and beyond.

Worship Center Reorientation Fly-Through


Listen to the launch message of I Live the Journey from Ed Noble. Click here.


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