The weekends at Journey lately feel like one of those clown cars at a circus – you know a tiny little car in which full grown clowns keep getting out. There seems to be a never endi

This definitely was one of those super packed weekends. I should say ANOTHER one of those super packed weekends because lately it feels like one of those circus clown cars (you know where this tiny little cars pulls up & a ridiculous number of clowns keep coming out of that thing).


O.k. I’ll just admit it, it feels like I say the same thing every week, but the Worship was powerful this week. Lately “In Christ Alone” is rocking my world, especially since we are in a series that is kind of Easter & Beyond”. It seemed like every song was custom designed to nourish MY soul.

I had a humorous back and forth with a FB friend who is a single guy on the whole baby dedication thing. I don’t think most guys are as bad as I was as a single guy. But man a switch went off somewhere in me sometime after my kids were born and when we’re up there it feels like a really significant moment for these families. I happened to know a lot of the stories of the couples and their babies this time around. There were miracles on that stage!

We had a special tribute to mother’s planned. One of the mothers on our programming team had the idea of doing the Beatles, “She Loves You” with the pics of the moms and their kids that our ace photographer Dan Matticks (thanks again my friend for all your service!) had put together.

Friday and 9:00 went flawlessly but we had a perfect storm of technical difficulties at 11:00. I think our people recovered nicely. I’m going to look in to getting it on line for a couple of days (copyright issues with the song keep it from being up any longer – so no promises) for all you who missed it.


One of my favorite passages to speak on is 2 Corinthians 5. It’s such a “Change is Possible” passage. I think believing, really having faith that people can change, heck that I can change, is one of the biggest issues we face in our lives following Jesus. This is why those “Burned (relational) Bridges” seem so immovable. I love how Paul explains how Jesus blow this idea up!

My wife’s big mother’s day desire was to just have everyone around in the afternoon, not have to cook and not have to clean up after someone else cooked. Pizza it is! It was really fun. But there was a moment that it became obvious I could get a few minutes of Laker watching in. Wow, BIG mistake! I tried to put on a happy face after that, but… Seriously – the lesson is simple: don’t watch sports on Mother’s day! Got it!