I could see this one coming – this was going to be a powerful weekend in our services at Journey!

I knew because of the IMMOVABLE we were addressing and I knew because we had an incredible My Journey. As if that wasn’t enough, we were taking COMMUNION! But that’s not all (I feel like a guy in an infomercial right now): Saturday we had our first distribution day for the Journey Food & Clothing Bank! It was also nice that God held off Judgment Day for a while too.


There are certain markers along the way that cause you to think – wow, God’s really DONE some stuff. When I rolled into the parking lot and saw the line of people going through the FCB. I was blown away. Then when I saw all the fired-UP volunteers I had a hard time not being giddy. It was so cool to see that very real needs were being met, that people were being loved and it was utterly clear that the fuel was LOVE! Jesus said it would be that way:
Matt. 5:16 “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.

Driving away deeply moved I was praying and thanking God and then I said something to myself that gave me a few goose-bumps – a “volunteer revolution is underway at Journey!” This whole huge initiative is lead, staffed, strategized and organized by some strong volunteers. We have some highly gifted, kick-butt leaders and lots of selfless, self-giving people who just want to make a difference.


God was so present in our time of worship & taking of the bread and the cup! We purposefully told people to feel free to talk and connect as they crowded around the Table. We CELEBRATE the Lord’s supper. It’s not a funeral!

I loved working through parts of Romans 6 and 7. It’s passages like this , real and honest and raw, that remind me of why I love the Bible. But the highlight of the morning was DeLynn Mandgie’s My Journey.

Jesus found her and she heard his voice living in a drainage tunnel addicted to Crystal Meth. Yeah Grace! Yeah God!