Homeless Vets
Did you know that at many as 35 percent of Iraq Veterans have or will experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? Did you know that 260,000 veterans will be homeless this year? Did you know that each year at this time the Veterans Village of San Diego opens a cold weather tent specifically for use by vets? Did you know that Journey’s Hope For The Homeless visits them every Friday that they are open? It’s an amazing experience! Why don’t you join us! Contact David Merk for more information by filling out the form on this page.

Helping The Homeless Stay Warm
It’s getting cold in San Diego! During December and January San Diegans will experience lows in the 40s. That may be okay for those of us in our cozy homes but for our many friends are homeless, those temperatures are life-threatening. We can help by giving them clean, gently used blankets. Let’s look through out stuff and see what we can find! Drop them off at the Thrift Store. Questions? Fill out the info form on this page or email David Merk.