Disclaimer: As the title of this post indicates, these thoughts are unprocessed. I’m thinking out loud.

I’m about to get back to working on the message (yes, about 1.5 hours after we finish the Lead Sum we have our 1st weekend service – pray for our tech guys… and me!). But I feel like I want to get some of my rough reflections out of me b/f they get too refined.

Overall, I’m going to say that the best way to describe today for me would be either provocative or disturbing. Yes, it was inspirational, moving, informative, but more than most Summits this one’s giving me a lot to mull.

HYBLES started with the comforting words that the old reality, the reality of well-resourced ministry, has left the building. Nice! He’s right; there is a sense that this will give us an opportunity to be what God meant for us to be all along.

GARY HAMEL was my sleeper speaker. I never heard of him. I had no expectations. He starts with some self-deprecating words about how he’s just a layman…then he proceeded to give some beyond profound insights that basically said, change or die. The new reality means that nominal “churchianity” esta muerto! Good riddance! But we have to really authentically be the community of Jesus.

KELLER: What can I say, he was “Tim-o-licious”! He basically preached the message of his spectacular book, Prodigal God.  Every one, EVERY ONE needs to hear this, read this, get this. One interesting note, Linda had a girl from the 20 something ministry that’s only been a Christ follower about 6 months with her. She was a little bored by TK. Gasp! Her response: I hear this at Journey all the time. I’ll take it! This is actually GREAT!

My problem is that a lot of the voices in my head are not preaching this message.

I’m skipping the interview with Jessica Jackley (KIVA) not because it wasn’t wonderful, but I want to think about the last session with Harvey Carry.

HARVEY brought an interesting message. I know it was a talk that leaned toward motivation more than analysis. He said as much. But I had been having conversations all day with TC Porter about “missional” model of doing church and what that looks like at Journey or for any church. Honestly, I’m really trying to figure out what this means for us. What would this look like to stop huddling & start playing? Are we already doing so?

Do any of you ever have those, “I want to see So & So and such & such in a room together” moments. I SERIOUSLY want to see Harvey Carry & Andy Stanley in a room talking how we do church. Heck, since it is my fantasy, throw Bill Hybles & Tim Keller in there as well. Maybe Larry Osborn will stop by with Craig Groseschel. But I really would love to hear Andy, “you name it & we don’t do it” Stanley interact with Harvey.

Remember the disclaimer. I reserve the right to take any of this back!

I’m already looking forward to tomorrow.