“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.”

Proverbs 18:21


I used to joke that I was going to teach my son the phrase, “my mom is a waitress,” to explain the fact why at 3 years old he knows certain cuss words. In the culture that I work in, it is natural to express frustration, negativity, gossip, self-interest and swear. It is so prevalent that when positivity does show up, it begins to change the atmosphere almost immediately.


We get so in the habit in our microcosm cultures of letting our tongue express every thought we have that when we encounter restraint, pleasantness, and hope, we are left silent and humbled. I never thought that just threw my everyday speech I could love God but then he showed me the lasting effects of something I had said.


It was during a faith exercise, which at the time I did not have much of, and I was very vocal about the fact I would not be participating. Later on the instructor came to me and told me three other women had heard me say I was not going to participate in the exercise, and then if I did not have enough faith neither did they. The ripple of negativity was laid out before me and the verse above boomed in my heart.


It has been difficult removing negativity from my speech habits, but the reward of watching life spring up as opposed to watching things wither away has been worth the discipline. Today we open up our speech patterns to the Holy Spirit and ask that he would show us where we could partner with him in sowing life.



Examine where your speech habits sow death and destruction.


What does it look like to intentionally develop new habits?



Lord, for too long I have been comfortable in my undisciplined speech habits. Forgive me for sowing death and negativity among your people and in the world when you have called me to partner with you as an agent that sows life. Give me great faith that I might speak hope and life and expect to see Your kingdom to earth through my speech. Amen.