But he answered, “It is written, “‘Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.’” Matthew 4:4


I remember when I first joined moms group and was told we would be reading books based on God’s word and there would be homework. I was aghast. Didn’t these women understand I had a six-month-old? That I wasn’t sleeping or eating or even showering on a regular basis, what makes them think I suddenly will have time to pleasure read? As I grew in relationship with the then leader, she would specifically ask me to engage in the material. I grumbled at her but because she had asked as a personal favor, I complied. Through complying, I learned the Power of a Praying Wife, how to integrate Jesus into my real mom life, how to put down the phone and stare into the eyes of my children when I had to been stuck in the house all day and so desperately just wanted to escape.


Many of us are overwhelmed, our schedules taxed, and we don’t have time for ourselves or our development. However, none of us would put off as less than important that which would provide our very sustenance. We fool ourselves when we don’t make time for the word of God in our lives, whether it be by audiobook, tape, movie, book, there are so many mediums that we are blessed to be exposed to and it is arrogant of us believe we need it less than bread. Today, we open our stretched schedules and overwhelmed attention spans and give God space to cultivate a love for His word in our hearts.



How much time do you spend studying God’s word currently? Would you consider it a sufficient amount to feed your soul?



How much time are you willing to commit to studying the word of God as an act of loving the Lord with all of your effort?




Father God, I thank you for your word and that you gave it to me so that I may know and understand you better. Forgive my arrogance for not making time to sit at your feet, giving importance to everything else. Teach me what it means to abide in you and give me grace to maintain my commitment. Amen.