“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

John 8:12


I love the irony of the phrase “safe bet.” It implies that while there is a measure of uncertainty, it’s a comfortable measure, one that likely costs little to nothing if I lose. As people, the need for safety is innate and one of the most basic human values, driving us to fight or to flee in order to protect our life, property and relationships. That being the case, most of our day to day decisions are safe and in an attempt to avoid vulnerability, whether physical or emotional, we build walls, systems, whole complex workings, eliminating all potential threats.


Just as soon as our lives are ironclad, the Father begins to awaken potential and possibility in our hearts. He calls us to Risk, inviting us to not live by our own measure of safety but to radically love, generously give, and believe without reservation.


Jesus, over and over, called people to take a risk and follow Him. He gave little explanation if any, but promised abundant life beginning now and extending into eternity. Today, we open up some of those walls and invite the Holy Spirit to reveal what we’re protecting from God and commit to answering “yes” in one area we’re being called to take a risk and follow Him.



What areas in your life or heart have you blocked off from God’s call to risk?


Which of these are you willing to open? Can you commit to a yes where you previously had said no?



Holy Spirit, show me which areas of my life I have resisted Your calls to risk. Forgive me for being willing to deny You access or blatantly disobey Your call and for placing my stake in fear of losing what I value instead of placing it in Your goodness. Increase my faith, that I may follow You in the call to _____________________, bravely living out the abundant, radical life Jesus said He came for me to have. Amen.