“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans 15:13


If hope is defined as a desire and expectation for good to happen, I would have to confess I have a hopeless mindset. I am normally prepared for the worst case scenario which means I don’t have much expectation that things will turn out great, even if it’s what I want in the depths of my heart. Sadly, most people I know, who aren’t necessarily worst case scenario types, live with an almost unconscious hopelessness. They express desire, but no expectation, that our families, our marriages, or circumstances will change. When they think of the future, they tell me it’s best to expect little and just take what comes.


I think the reason so many of us hedge against Hope is because we have an unrealistic view of what it is or the function it serves. Hope is meant to be an anchor for our soul, a steady assurance that God is writing a good story, and regardless of present circumstances, we should expect the end will be greater than we can imagine. It calls us to wait, trust, fight, rest, savor, and partner with God in writing the story. It is a sword and shield in the darkness when we don’t think we can go on, and a breath of fresh air when we feel the waves of life overwhelming us. Today, we open our hopelessness to God, and put our trust in His hope.



What areas of life/desires of your heart does God want to create desire and expectation in?


Where do you see signs of Hope, the assurance of God’s good narrative, in everyday life?



Lord, for too long I have lived with unmet desires and hollow expectations, afraid to fully put my trust in Your goodness. I renounce hopelessness and ask You to help me remember where I have seen Your hand move toward bringing all things around for good. Forgive me for trying to supress hope as You have tried to raise it up in me. I put my trust in the knowledge that You are good, and accept your invitation to partner with you in writing this good story. Thank you for this anchor that will keep me close to You. Amen