“They are darkened in their understanding and separated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardening of their hearts” Ephesians 4:18


Living in a society with flashing lights, scrolling banners and all types of signs screaming, “look at me,” it’s easy to get overwhelmed by issues, physical and spiritual. Sometimes, it’s so much, that we just shut down our hearts and refuse to engage. Occasionally, we feel a little nudge or a tug, but we quickly harden our hearts, throw up our hands and ignore it.


The “with God life” is a dynamic one, where we are not only called to engage in our interconnected design with one another but also with spiritual realities, going so far as to manifest the values of the Kingdom of God on Earth. When we choose to be willfully ignorant, not only do we disconnect from the world, we disconnect from God. We render ourselves and subsequent faith impotent, and our understanding of the mind, heart and motivation of God is darkened. Our hearts become like hardened clay, unworkable, unusable, and we forfeit the abundant life Christ said He came for us to have.


Whether He desires to create compassion in you for your local homeless or instill justice in you for social issues, His main goal is always the same: that you would be part of what He’s doing and that the influence you have on the world around you would have a lasting impact. Today, we take off the blinders and intentionally ask God what is is He wants us to partner with Him on.



What has God given you concerning gifts and talents? Do you you find them being pulled in a particular direction or toward a specific topic?



Is there something He’s asked you to pay attention to that you feel overwhelmed by? Write your feelings on the subject and your reluctance to engage below.






Confess to the Lord where you have willingly turned your eyes away from what He asked you to consider. Thank Him for his gentleness in bringing this to your mind, and ask Him intentionally to show you where He is asking you to partner with HIm. Commit to doing as He is asking.