“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10


Whether or not we admit it, we all long to be significant. We want to know that we offer unique, indispensable, inherent value that only our presence can give. The question which resonates from this deep desire is age old, “Why am I here?” Whether or not you believe in a big P “Purpose” for your life or are more like me, who thinks life is a succession of little purposes, the need for an assignment, as displayed through our art, music, movies, is pervasive through the human experience.


At this stage in my life though, where I’m consumed with the needs of others, I’ve backburnered that question, and squelched that longing. I’ve told God I don’t have the time, energy or capacity for it right now and that He’ll just have to find someone else. I know I’m not alone, being buried in day to day, as I meet with two groups of people who you would believe the outline of their day was wake up, work/parent and sleep. To even begin to consider what more we could be living for is too much, so we deaden our heart, and silence that whisper that we were made for more. We even stop looking for eternal impact in our day to day, making our goals something like going to the bathroom alone, or just hitting that deadline.Today, we open our lost sense of purpose and ask God to breathe new life into it.



Have you ever felt called to something? Were you able to fulfill that purpose?


Is there a calling that you haven’t risen to? Why?



Lord, I hear the desire you’ve put in my heart for more, and I’m terrified of missing it but I don’t feel like I have space to fulfill it. Remind me that I was made for glory, resplendent beauty not found in tight measures or dutied practice, but in the journey and the pondering of doing life with You. Give me grace to simply follow You through my week and put my hands to what you ask. Thank you for giving me a job to accomplish, (if you’re a parent, you may also add: children to raise) Help me find purpose and meaning in every day, as You have created each one with inherent value. Amen.