What is your biggest passion?

Being of service here at church and in our local community and in Haiti however that looks like to God. To raise our kids to follow the Lord as their God.

What is one decision that you know that God influenced?

When I decided to join a company that was built on the belief of God first, family second, career third!

Tell me a time you took a risk with your faith?

We had the rally to introduce people to Home Groups at the church and I had been attending Grief share for approximately 4 weeks and was still emotionally raw.  I normally cannot attend Wednesday events due to a work commitment but I felt lead to attend and made some changes to do so.

They needed volunteers to help hand out programs at the door, again I was lead.  After a few minutes I looked over and saw one of the ladies from grief share who I had never spoken to before.  It was like she had a light above her of all the people in the room she was the only one I could see clearly.  I felt awkward but I had my business card that had my address and phone # and I wrote the time and date we meet at our home for Life Group and I went up and asked her if she would consider attending.  It ended up being the beginning of a wonderful story.

She had recently lost her husband suddenly and had a 15 year old son who was angry and an 11 year old daughter who was scared. She later told us she had sat in her car and cried and prayed that she could go in that sanctuary and somehow find a way to ask to join a small group. She felt God did what she could not imagine doing.

That her husband had been the spiritual one not her. She did not know the scriptures or even exactly how to be a follower or how was she going to lead and help her children with their walk.   Life is not perfect but she has a safe place to cry and grow and know she is not alone.  Her son has attended church camp, and bonded with some of the adult men in our group.  Her daughter has trick or treated with our kids, and we have gained a new family to do life with.  Her and her children feel at home in our neighborhood because for the past 10 years they have been on our street weekly due to the relationship they have with my neighbor who is a tutor but not a follower yet. God works in miraculous ways!