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Leap of Faith: Engaging Specifics and Success

by Kelly White

Here we are, more than half way through our Leap of Faith (LoF) experience. Some of us have seen God move in dramatic ways, some have seen a slow trickle towards ultimate answers and some of us feel like we are moving through quicksand or worse yet, moving backward.

Together, we’ve been asking God for specific things which are on our heart.  While these “asks” are very specific, we are also learning we need to be open handed as to what those answers look like.

The other day I was talking with a friend about her ‘leap’ experience. She expressed that she felt awkward asking God for things… like it was putting restraints on how God should answer her prayers. My friend felt wrong asking God for things that were on her heart.

So what does success in this LoF look like? read more…

Terrifying Leap of Faith

by Heather Klein

We are three weeks in to our Leap of Faith experience, and I’ve hit a road block.

I’ve seen God move in the lives of my six…crazy God only type moves, and it’s amazing.  But for me, God is knocking on a door I’m not sure I’m ready to open for Him.  It’s not a big door. I’m pretty sure there’s no gross sin, or huge thing God wants me to hand over to Him.  I know in my head God wants this leap to be a good thing…

So why is taking this Leap of Faith so terrifying?  And why am I not alone?

While we are hearing exciting stories of God moving in the lives of people in our church, we’re also hearing plenty of stories from Christ followers struggling with this process.

Some say they’ve had experiences with God NOT answering prayers and taking a Leap is too big a test for their faith.  Others have had so many disappointments in life they’re refusing to even try.  While some, like myself, have all the faith in the world for their six, yet asking God something good for them is a different story. read more…