by Heather Klein

We are three weeks in to our Leap of Faith experience, and I’ve hit a road block.

I’ve seen God move in the lives of my six…crazy God only type moves, and it’s amazing.  But for me, God is knocking on a door I’m not sure I’m ready to open for Him.  It’s not a big door. I’m pretty sure there’s no gross sin, or huge thing God wants me to hand over to Him.  I know in my head God wants this leap to be a good thing…

So why is taking this Leap of Faith so terrifying?  And why am I not alone?

While we are hearing exciting stories of God moving in the lives of people in our church, we’re also hearing plenty of stories from Christ followers struggling with this process.

Some say they’ve had experiences with God NOT answering prayers and taking a Leap is too big a test for their faith.  Others have had so many disappointments in life they’re refusing to even try.  While some, like myself, have all the faith in the world for their six, yet asking God something good for them is a different story.

It’s been such a gut wrenching experience for some, that Ed offered up some words on it during our all staff lunch.

Here’s the thing:  The Leap of Faith experience isn’t building these walls, it’s exposing them.  They were already here.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to view faith as confidence.  As if the more confident we are that God will answer prayer, the more “faith” we have.  But that’s not true.  Faith isn’t trying harder.  It’s simply letting Jesus into all those vulnerable, scary places in the first place.

Ed told us to think of it like this.  Our lives are a table with chairs around it.  As Christ followers, we’re called to let Jesus sit in every single chair.  We let Him have our work chair, our family chair, our health chair and so on.

The Leap of Faith is exposing a few empty chairs.  It’s exposing space in our lives where we won’t let Jesus in.  Chairs we’ve said to Jesus, “I’m sorry, but I don’t trust you to sit here.”  We may not do it consciously, but when we’re refusing to ask Him for something we want, we might as well be saying, “I don’t think you’re as good as they say you are.”

That is unbelief.

Unbelief is a sneaky villain.  It moves right into those chairs we’ve left open…the one’s we wouldn’t give to Jesus. It’s usually born after a life trauma.  It comes from the deep pain of disappointment, of sickness, of death, of hurts, open wounds.  We all have a list. And it doesn’t want to stay put.  Ed says the only thing for unbelief to do, is to grow.  We can’t manage it.

We have to remove it.
Removing it, is faith.  It’s taking a leap.  It’s letting Him in on those disappointments, shattered dreams, and great hurts.

Maybe it’s enough to say, God, “I’m not ready to hand it over completely, but I’m ready to talk about it.”

For me, my Leap of Faith had to do with a career move.  It seemed simple and painless enough.  But it is exposing an empty chair in my heart.  I struggle trusting God with good things.  So maybe that’s my leap.  Maybe it’s not about this specific career move.  Maybe it’s about letting God show me He’s good.  Letting Him sit in the “good things” chair of my life, without fear He’ll take it away.

So how is The Leap of Faith going for you and the people in your life?

Remember Isaiah 64:4 – Since ancient times no one has heard, no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for Him.

And don’t forget…no one at Journey goes it alone.  We’re here to walk through your Leap with you and support you as you walk with others.