When was the last time you tried to learn something new? Whether it was a new language, a hobby or board game, or how to use your phone after it updated and changed everything, it probably didn’t all make sense all at once. Often times, when something is difficult to learn or understand, the best way for us to learn is to break it down; to take a big idea and break it down into smaller, easy to understand pieces. And that’s exactly what this series is all about. At church, you are learning about the Bible and as you know, sometimes the Bible can be confusing. You may have all kinds of questions about the Bible and we should most definitely answer those big questions about the Bible and what it means for our lives, but we need to break it down to help us understand a little more about the Bible, how we can use it, and what it means for our lives today.

In this series! We are encouraging junior highers to move past simply learning facts about the Bible to actually opening up Scripture and reading it for themselves. And we’ve found an incredible resource that helps break down large chunks of the Bible into short, easy to digest videos. Our hope is that these videos will help break down portions of the Bible that were confusing or complicated at first glance and propel you to actually going in and reading some of these books of the Bible for yourself.