It feels to me that the “I’D LOVE TO CHANE THE WORLD” series is gaining energy and building, kind of like a the summer southwest swell that’s in here in SD right now.

I love the feeling of preaching on something that God has already spoken to people about. The challenge is just to keep up. There are times when a message is like the Holy Spirit’s first salvo in what God wants to do in a communities’ live. Those are cool. But honestly, it’s a little more fun when you feel like you are just trying to keep up.

MATT ODEGAARD, an old friend of Journey who is serving at a dynamic church in Indy, stepped in to lead worship with our team. Wow!

The current series which could also have been titled “PRAY, GIVE, GO” inspired by our church-to-church partnership through AIM in Haiti, seems to be striking a nerve or catching a wave. The message was designed to kick off our fall “WEEK OF PRAYER”. It’s cool when we can go out immediately and DO what we’ve been talking about. It was pretty awesome seeing the 24/7 PRAYER BOARD fill up. It’s moving to see every day covered in FASTING. Last night’s Selah was bigger than usual. Hundreds or people took a PRAYER JOURNAL for the week. I’m telling you, God is on the move.

SELAH – God seemed to have a word about the BHAPs that we talked about in the messages (BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS PRAYERS). I felt like the Lord was leading me to ask us, “how would you pray if you were absolutely certain that God was FOR you?” Because he is!