Have you ever felt like connecting with people is harder than it should be? Do you have relationships in your life that feel broken, and you just seem to go around and around in a cycle with them that doesn’t change and feels hopeless?  I think most of us struggle with how to handle “the real relationship deal”, whether it’s in our families, friendships, or romantic relationships.  

This is a 6 week series, called “Relatable.” Each week we will watch a video from Louie Giglio tackling this topic from a pretty different angle. Then we will split into groups that will remain the same for the entire 6 weeks. It costs $10* to sign up and that includes your study guide and lets us know what type of group you are most interested in joining for this discussion. (*Sign-up even if you don’t have $10, check the box that says pay later and we will cover you if you can’t afford it.)

TUESDAY, APRIL 25th, 7–8:30 pm (NEW START DATE!)

Where? Encounter Room

Childcare and snacks/coffee provided

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