• For people to encounter God through all services

• For people to transform as disciples of God instead of just learning about God

• For healing and breakthrough for weekend services 

• For God to speak through all who take the stage, pastors and worship team


• For our staff to be anointed, led, strengthened, and built up by God 

• For giving to increase beyond measure of what we can imagine or explain

• Prayer against distractions keeping people from getting to church 


• Volunteers to Support our Ministry

• Health and healing for our team

• Continue to reach and connect with our community

• Wisdom over decisions 

• God’s continued favor and flourishing of our ministry


• A full, community building staff/team

• A full volunteer team

• The ability to grow and open more rooms

• Our surrounding community to feel welcome and like Journey is home for their families

• Our kids will know Jesus and how much He LOVES them

• Parents will get involved in their child’s faith journey at Journey

• Families will INVITE their friends

Student Ministries

• More female LifeGroup leaders

• The variety show fundraiser would raise enough money to help 15 students be able to go to camp fully paid for.

• God would raise up student leaders within our ministry who have a desire to be discipled and reach their friends.


• That God would draw many new women to come on Tues night and Wed. Morning to study scripture and connect with each other. 

• That God’s Spirit would cause His Word to come alive in the
women…hunger and thirst for the Word, etc.

• That deep connections would be made in the small groups!

• For ALL small groups…the same as above. And also that tons of new people will desire to be connected with others and we would see an explosion of new people in small groups across the board at Journey.

• That new leaders will be raised up!


• Food Bank 
adequate supplies;  customers blessed; lives changed

• Hope for the Homeless
adequate supplies;  customers blessed; lives changed

GRUSH in El Salvador

• They recently shared the gospel with about 1000 students. Pray for follow up and connection to a church. 

• Pray students get connected to Youth Center’s English classes so they can escape gangs, get a good job and hear more about Jesus.


• Effectiveness during Covid. Restrictions hamper their ministry.

• Quick end to Covid so the ministry can reopen.

• Future — Wisdom for what the ministry will look like moving forward.


• Application for Humanitarian Parole for husband would be approved 

• The ministry of Gabriel’s Promise would thrive despite the situation.

• Peaceful resolution to chaos in Haiti and especially in Carrefour.