Series: AWE


There was no shortage of AWE when the church first began. No wonder, God had just worn His heart on His sleeve and Jesus was His message to the world. A message that the God of love has mind-blowing plans for his creation — plans for life with a capital L. The early church knew this. They understood that Jesus came not just to secure eternal life after death, but to inaugurate a new way of life beyond the mundane and predictable — a life of AWE. After 20 years, Journey has seen its fair share of God’s jaw-dropping beauty, power and love.  Join us over the next three weeks as we take a closer look at our part in God’s AWESOME story culminating in our anniversary celebration services on August 23 and 25.

August 2 + 4 — The Outside     Outline      Podcast

August 9 + 11 — Awe-Filled People    Outline      Podcast

August 16 + 18 — The Current of God’s Kingdom   Outline

August 23 + 25 — Journey’s 20th Anniversary Weekend — Special celebration services: Friday at 7 pm. Sunday at 8 am, 10 am and 12 pm. More details.     Outline