Series: Leap of Faith


Leap of Faith is a series and an all-church experience.It is a deeper step into living as if God is not only real, but also good! Join us for a 40-day adventure with Jesus as we read through the book of Mark together as a church.

Feb. 28 + March 2   LEAP OF FAITH: God is Really Good    Outline   Podcast
March 7 + 9             LEAP Into Your “Big Opportunity” (Mark 1)    Outline   Podcast
March 14 + 16         LEAP of Determination (Mark 2)    Outline   Podcast
March 21 + 23         LEAP of Investment (Mark 4)    Outline   Podcast
March 28 + 30         LEAP In Spite of Fear (Mark 5)    Outline   Podcast
April 4 + 6                LEAP Through Doubt (Mark 9)    Outline   Podcast
April 11 + 13            LEAP: “Ready, Set… Hold it!” (Mark 11)     Outline   Podcast