Series: Momentum


MOMENTUM: Living with More Energy

One of the best feelings in life is momentum — a moving force, a strong energy on our side. But momentum seems to be fragile, fickle and fleeting. It’s easy to loose momentum. How can we put ourselves in a position to gain momentum? How can we keep it and get more of it? God is the source of all energy and He offers it to us abundantly. Let’s find MOMENTUM together…just in time for Fall!

August 1 & 3        Dynamic Movement — Surging forward in God’s power

August 8 & 10      Reenergizing — Finding daily strength and vitality in God’s presence

August 15 & 17     Advancing Together — Gaining energy through synergy

August 22 & 24    God’s Quiet Energy — Experiencing Him in the ordinary moments

August 29 & 31     Baptism — The momentum of being immersed into relationship with God