Series: Becoming

BECOMING – Life beyond existing

What if life — our bodies, experiences, friends, and talents — all that God has given us
is like a foundation? A foundation with potential to either waste away as just a slab of concrete or be the start of a structure that we could not imagine in our wildest dreams. It seems Jesus had no desire to leave concrete slabs alone. He was always building on them — encouraging and spurring on growth. He lifted crippled people to their feet. Forgave prostitutes and told them to rethink how they were living. He even told religious people to become more like kids — all in the effort to move people from existing to becoming — from surviving to thriving. Jesus has no desire to encounter us and leave us unchanged. He offers us something the Bible calls “Transformation” and part of that process is “formation.”

During this 5-week series we will look at how we can position ourselves to experience the person and power of God to become changed into the person somewhere inside we know we are meant to be.


August 28 & 30    DECIDING TO BECOME

September 4 & 6   SPACE FOR GRACE

September 11 & 13   THE HOLY SPIRIT

September 18 & 20   TOGETHER

September 25 & 27    SPIRIT NOT LETTER