Series: Hopecasting

“Why are some people full of hope, while many of us struggle to get past the snooze alarm? Hope often seems elusive―both to explain and to experience. So we find ourselves instead clinging to lesser substitutes. From self-medication to lazy clichés, we apply these balms to our pain and experience little to no comfort. But we know, in our guts, that these replacements aren’t the hope-filled lives we long for, the lives we were made for.”
In this series we’ll examine how we can live with more of that essential thing called “hope.”Hopecasting is a book written by our own Mark Oestreicher (blurbed by more famous people than can fit into a Bradley Cooper selfie) which we’ll feature as a summer read during the series. Marko himself will launch our series on July 24.
July 24 & 26                Hopecasting: Finding, Keeping and Sharing the Things Unseen
July 31 & August 2      Positioning Ourselves for More Hope
August 7 & 9                Facing Our Fears
August 14 & 16            Transformed Longings
August 21 & 23            Community of Hope