Last week, the sound booth construction began.

Why is the Sound Booth so big?
The sound booth will be ADA compliant with a ramp. It will contain the sound board and and lighting board, as well as one large camera. The cameras currently on the floor will no longer be there.  

Worship Center construction schedule:
Order the equipment
Electrician in for the sound booth
Paint the Ceiling

Estimated time for sound booth completion:  4 weeks.
LED Screens ordered: approximately 9 weeks to arrive


October 18 Updates
Worship Center
  1. The contractors are reenforcing the roof with beams, this is necessary for the roof to handle the load of the stage lighting and speakers.
  2. After the beams, we will begin installing the piping which is what the stage lighting will mount to.
  3. The electricians are tracing out and cleaning up the existing wiring. Removing everything possible at this time, that doesn’t support the new design.
  4. The electricians will then start running the low-voltage wiring.