Sometime weekends come together in a way that you can’t take much credit for. This was one of those! This was definitely one of those.

I love teaching in Acts. There are lots of reasons that are just about the books of Acts! But I also sense that this fits hand in glove with where God is taking us as a Church (ekklesisa). It’s a chance to talk about our values, who we are and to cast vision.

In that spirit we decided that we would feature a “My Journey” story every weekend. We had a panel of leaders from our “take charge” teams scheduled for August. For a variety of reasons it got moved to this weekend. The message was all about God’s word of commissioning to us, God’s “GO”! This truth was of course was embodied by these people I a wonderful way.

I loved the worship this weekend.

I also love the worship that happens all week long. God says, “GO”!