Right now I’m on a packed flight in which everyone seems to be coughing or sneezing.


I’m returning from speaking for a couple of days for my friends at Brookside church in Omaha. It was a thing Jeff Dart ended up calling “RE-RETREAT”.

America’s next top models!


You may recall that I spoke for their fall retreat last November & God showed up in a powerful way.  One of the highlights is seeing the kids that came to the retreat not in relationship with God & are now followers of Christ & part of this community of Students.

I spoke to the students on Wednesday & Thursday night & to their church staff on Thursday afternoon. In between I worked on this weekends message for Journey & met with people & did some Q & A.

Some of the kids on Thursday night


The situation that originally got us talking about me coming out & the fact that I was just out there a few months ago caused me to seek God a little more than normal for exactly what I was supposed to speak on.  As it turned out, I wrote 2 new talks – I knew the ones I brought weren’t the right ones. I was telling Todd Tolson on my way out of the office on Tuesday, “It will be fun to see how God is going to come through.” I knew there was just too much in front of me this week. So far, I think God has totally come through.

Last night (Thursday) was especially cool


– I sensed God had a really specific Word for that group as I was speaking. After some more worship & some additional Q &A one of the kids prayed for me & pretty much repreached the message as he prayed… AWESOME!
So tonight, I’m speaking on the subject of “SUFFERING”, the 3rd installment of our dialogue series. Then leaving from Church & going to ski with David as part of his B-Day present. Ay Carumba!

I appreciate any prayers coming my way for extra JUICE!