Victor 031814

What is one decision you know God influenced?

I think there have been many.  But, my trip to Haiti this past summer for Summer Fun Camp was absolutely a God thing.  I did not planned to go.  When I had learned of the trip after my return from Haiti in January 2013 I had “jokingly” said to God that he would have to cancel or change a mandatory work obligation in order for me to go to Summer Fun Camp in the summer.  I found out about a couple of months prior to Summer Fun Camp that they had actually moved the dates by a week.  I realized after praying about it for a weekend that in fact, God had provided the opportunity and decided to go.

What does it mean you to be a Christ Follower?

It means that sometimes I feel like I am walking right beside him.  It means trying to understand this amazing love He has for me and for others.  It means trusting that His plan for my life is good, like really good.  Not in a “if you know what’s good for you, you’ll do it My way” sort of way but in a, “Hey man, I got this really, really amazing relationship and experience I want with you and for you” sort of way.  It means really believing that God actually IS working powerfully, unstoppably in my life for good!  It means NOT trying to fix myself so that I am worthy to follow Him but following Him to with what I got and letting Him transform me.  I feel like I learn a little more every day of what it means to be a Christ follower.

What is your biggest passion?

Since the Summer of 2012, it may be a churchy answer, but my biggest passion is my relationship with God.  The amazing benefit of that relationship is it seems that new passions are being constantly ignited: serving as a Journey Connector, serving with New Format in Haiti, surfing , joining Thirty at 45, and being part of a community that is doing something for their community.