Doug Ferry, Club TK2 Volunteer



Doug Ferry is a lead volunteer in Club TK2 on Sundays at the 11 am service. He is truly committed to the kids in Club TK2 and rarely misses a weekend.

Doug was born in Virginia, spent some time living in Minnesota and made it out to California in the 1980’s. He became a follower of Christ in college after a Campus Crusade presentation called “If I Should Die” which taught the difference of knowing about God and knowing Christ.

Doug has served in Club TK2 longer than any other TK2 volunteer and has worked with a number of directors over the years. While he doesn’t personally see working with this age group as his “gift” – we have to disagree! Doug has a huge gift working with this age group, and he is a gift to us and the kids!  

When it comes to conversations with our 5 year to 8 year old kids, topics range from Minecraft, to sword fights to phone apps. One of Doug’s favorite moments has been being able to comfort a young child who was missing her dad. She had arrived at church 3 or 4 times feeling sad and he found that just sitting quietly with her helped make her feel better. Moments like these, he sees the benefit of how this experience stretches him and grows him in a way that only working with that age group can provide.

We are so incredibly thankful to have Doug serving in our area! He’s consistent, calm and caring. Truly a blessing to the kids he serves.

Random Fun Fact: Doug is a plain vanilla ice cream kinda guy, occasionally mixing it up with caramel or chocolate sauce.

Rebecca Smith
TK2 Lead