It seems like I run out of adjectives to describe our weekends. It’s like no 2 are the same there is almost always something that blows me away. This weekend was so different, important and wonderful. I’m feeling grateful and humbled even writing it.


My friend and I think I can safely say now “our friend”, John Lynch, spoke this weekend. John is a unique communicator – I love the profundity of his grasp on the grace of God in Scripture. He’s able to communicate really important and sometimes nuanced truths in a passage in a way that everyone in the room can grasp. This message from Ephesians 4:22-24 was called THE 2 COATS and it was wonderful! Of course the best moment of the message was when John put on the 2nd coat and said “in this coat I feel like the man, I’m Shaft!” From where I sat I could see people explaining to their sup-40 friends who Shaft was and why that was stinkin’ hilarious! There was some serious life-change in the message this weekend.

The communion and worship was so good this weekend. Our team introduced two MONEY songs in the last 2 weekends – “Only You Can Satisfy” and “Where We Belong”! Wow!

Peter Thomas a LONG time pastoral staff team member shared how he felt God was leading him this weekend. He feels like God is calling him to something new. Like Abraham, God has told him the “go” before he told him the “where to” part. There was so much love flowing from all the people in the room who’s lives have been impacted by Pete’s ministry over the years. It was an emotional moment. But it was one of those odd happy/ sad times. Change is hard, but Pete is modeling the Follower part of Christ-Follower. Pete will take some time to rest, to take a deep breath and then begin to seek God for that what’s next answer. Pete said it and I’ll reiterate it just to be clear: he wasn’t fired. He wasn’t forced out. He isn’t feeling called back to Granada. He really doesn’t know what’s next. But he actually is following a leading of the Lord in his life.
If you missed Peter’s sharing click here to watch it.

We love Pete and Rikah and look forward with them to what’s next. You can reach him at his email address and you will see him around. In fact NEXT weekend we will have a reception for him after every service. We’ll miss working on a daily basis together. But I’m sure our connection with him will continue.