EPIC WEEKEND! This was really a crazy great weekend in so many ways for us at Journey and personally I had all kinds of fun.

We had a great run of worship songs in the services that seemed to really connect with people. I know that they did for me.

Some movies have God’s story laying right on the surface and you just grab it up and preach away (e.g. The Kings Speech). Others are a little more like extracting an impacted wisdom tooth – the roots are there but they are wrapped all around other stuff (can you tell I hung out w/ my orthodontist friend this weekend?). I loved this movie and felt it was actually very redemptive, but you had to dig a little deeper and unpack with care.

To me one of the biggest challenges was remembering: o.k. this is not a documentary, this is a story BASED on history that is being made RIGHT NOW! (This morning I heard on the radio that Facebook’s IPO is around the corner and Wall St types are talking about $100 billion!).

When asked how many of you have a FB account / page about 90+ percent of hands went up!
But there is a real point about settling for faux community instead of authentic community, of settling for gaining the world in exchange for our souls.

I have 2 favorite days of the year: our June an September beach baptism days. A great sense of community and closeness, there are stories of life change. There is the beauty of grace everywhere.

I did a great wedding on Saturday afternoon. I’m so privileged to sense God’s presence in these sacramental moments. Congrats and shalom to you Jon and Lauren.

PERFECT SURF MORNING – Some days are better than other. 3-4’ glass at San Elijo with 5 or 6 friends and almost no crowd is one of those BETTER days! Can you say “stress melting into the Pacific!”?