Another crazy, full and pretty awesome weekend.

THE WEEK – I called last weekend “Wor-cation” because I tried to kind of take some time off. Our friends Andy & Suzie Blank booked a couple of those cottages on the Crystal Pier in PB for Monday- Wednesday. Of course we got some perfect weather (and some really fun surf). It’s so prime to be away from home on the beach yet only be like 25 minutes from my front door. It’s also a nice luxury to just walk a few feet and paddle out! On the negative side, we had perfectly clear days, front row sunset observing seats and NO GREEN FLAH – help me believing friends; my faith is getting weak!

UNLEASHED – I spent Saturday at the Unleashed conference. There was such a vibe of openness and authenticity. The guys there were serious about living honest lives of sexual integrity. My buddy John Lynch was speaking and of course, that was amazing. A lot of John’s material will be available in his new book that is coming out Wednesday called “The Cure”. It will be on my Kindle the second it drops. I hope it’s on yours!

INCARNATE SERIES MESSAGE – “WHAT ABOUT DESIRE”                                        This weekend our series about “Life in Our Bodies” turned to the issue of desire. We focused on a little piece of Paul’s discussion in 1 Corinthians 6 – we looked at verses 12-15. I busted out the word “eschatological” (not a swear, relax) in saying we need to live into the Grand Narrative, not the life story that the devil, our jacked up culture, or our wounded imaginations hand us. For me the most poignant part of the message was something I threw in at the last minute: the illustration for the classic 1960 movie Spartacus. It’s too much for the blog – get the free podcast and fast-forward to about 20 minutes in.

TWICE TREASRED THRIFT STORE OFFICALLY LAUNCHED                               I’ll tell you what’s cool, that the Vintage Us DNA that we’ve been talking about for so long is IN HIS PEOPLE not just the leaders. I love it when someone has a vision that is on Point, on Mission and basically asks us to just let them RUN! That’s the Thrift Store. It’s so smart! The inventory is donated by US, the place is staffed by US and the profits are all going to MISSION, to BLESSING OUR COMMUNITY AND THE WORLD!

GENEROUS FAMILIES – Our generations team has this brilliant idea for a “family worship night” that is worship in the cool and deeps sense of families learning together to offer themselves generously to God. Click here for more info. We took the unusual step of promoting it with a sketch… it was funny, but not pretty 😉 

God’s on the move. I pray we can keep up!