Our college pastor Sarah Merk-Benitez wrapped up our INCARNATE series with a message the INCARNATION of the Son of God.

I love how Sarah brought out the communication or revelation of the God in the Flesh. She had one of our artists sculpting faces the whole message. The point of course is that Jesus reveals God’s face and facial expressions. It’s always great for me to hear messages and be taught by our team. It was a powerful message and I loved hearing it three times.


The worship was powerful and very timely for the moment.


I hosted the services. Of course it was mostly a pep talk to get us ready to get our invite on for our four Christmas Eve services –click here for info.

We also “wept with those who weep.” I know that Christmas for many people is actually as sad and difficult time. This was especially poignant for us this weekend. On Thursday night we had 2 different young men die unexpectedly. I love seeing how our community rallied and continues to rally around these families.


I hope you are getting stoked for Christmas at Journey! Inviting is the essence of the spirit of Christmas.